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An image of me, a blond haired woman, in front of a graffiti wall that I have painted

Photo @alonglines

Since graduating from Central St. Martin’s School of Art, Hizze Fletcher-King has had a varied and extensive career in the arts spanning over 30 years. She has worked as a photographer, set assistant, graphic designer, mosaic artist, art tutor, curator, tattooist, fine/ commercial artist, art director, sign writer and more. Hizze's work has involved her with Netflix, Vivienne Westwood, BBC TV, Sony Music, Warner Brothers, The Keith Haring Foundation and Brighton Pride to name a few. Since moving to Brighton in 2006 Hizze has collaberated with the creative community, organising group-art shows and events and helping to raise money for charities while bringing emerging artists forward. In 2014 Hizze formed BRUSH with her wife, an art gallery and one-chair hair salon collaboration where she curates a space to accommodate both emerging and established artists. In addition Hizze works as a designer/ maker and is also a commercial/ fine artist in her own right, commissioned and exhibited in the UK and internationally. 

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