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*Latest News*

I have a new string to my creative bow! I've recently completed a digital media course where I learnt how to use produce and edit a video with sound via Adobe Premiere Pro video editing suite. This is a short film I made about my wife's daily ritual of sea swimming. Enjoy :)

I’m a professional visual artist and designer with over 35 years experience in the art & design industry. My career began in 1989 at the beginning of the House music scene and has gone on to encompass art & design for fashion shows, pop promos, media campaigns, t.v, live events, the visual arts and much more.

I love creating and I’ve always enjoyed mixing up my work within different aspects of the art and design industry. I have my own art gallery in Brighton, BRUSH, where I have collaborated with emerging and established Brighton-based artists for the last 8 years, producing and curating solo and group exhibitions. As well as having my mixed media art practise, I also work as a tattoo artist, designer, illustrator, sign writer and maker. Check out my online store where you can buy affordable original art, limited edition prints and more.

blonde haired woman in dark sunglasses and a black teeshirt with a yellow and red design. She has her arms folded and is smiling at the camera. She is stood in front of a brightly multi-coloured graffiti wall. The characters from Orange is the New Black feature in the mural, they are all holding placades with various messages
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